YAKINIKU Shichirin Ceramic Stainless Steel
Now grilling on a Shichirin is not just like using a regular BBQ. This is a whole different discipline. More refined, more elegant, and smaller. No half pigs or whole chickens here, but small refined dishes that need more precision. First, one needs the charcoal binchotan, which burns longer at a more intense temperature and is more neutral than regular charcoal. This is grilling with
the accuracy of a Swiss timepiece.

The rectangular variant comes standard with a stainless steel grid on which the tastiest dishes can be prepared. The Shichirin is made of ceramic with quartz, cordierite and fired at a high temperature. The ceramic also ensures that the Shichirin is very easy to clean due to the glazed finish. The appliance can only be used outdoors with briquettes, self-igniting briquettes, or charcoal. The Japanese use binchotan charcoal, the black gold of Japan, which means that extremely high temperatures can be reached. A real Yakitori grill reaches a temperature of 900+ degrees. With the Shichirin from YAKINIKU, you actually get the complete Japanese kitchen at home!

Do you want to get even more out of your Shichirin? Then purchase the accessories such as the Yakitori bars and the skewers. With these tools, grilling with skewers is even easier and you always get the best results.