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Kamado XL Habanero 54cm ø Grill Area

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The Habanero Kamado is for barbecue lovers. The barbecue can be used to roast, make pizzas, prepare rice dishes... You choose, the Habanero makes it simple. With the Habanero Kamado you create memorable experiences for family, friends, and yourself. Its unique architecture provides a flow of air and heat. Everything to enhance the flavor and achieve deeper and richer nuances! Habanero's Kamado is a versatile barbecue that brings out the best in virtually every ingredient. It gives you confidence and inspiration to explore and try new things. With Habanero BBQ you have exactly what you would expect from a charcoal barbecue.

Divide & Conquer,

Heat Deflector plate

1x charcoal



Habanero Kamado XL Grill 52 cm Interior 55cm Stainless steel parts (SS304) Black lacquered stainless steel support Large wheels 2 bamboo side tables Aluminum top valve 2-piece stainless steel grill (5 mm) Thermometer on lid Weight 98 kg We are so confident in the quality of our Habanero that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the ceramic body! For other parts, we offer a 3-year warranty (does not apply to damage caused by external influences, careless use, or wet use).