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Kamado XXL Habanero 69cm ø Grill Area

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Habanero Kamado XX-Large and Habanero Picnic are two perfect Kamado grills , made of heat-resistant ceramic and first-class stainless steel with the capacity to grill in large volumes. Thanks to the unique construction, the insulation of the ceramic and the simple controls for air supply, it is very easy to control the temperature in your kamado grill and it provides an even heat distribution throughout the cooking time. This is a grill that really highlights the flavors and gives your ingredients deeper and and richer shades

CONSTRUCTION THAT KEEPS THE HEAT Thanks to the ceramic, this Kamado grill is suitable for use all year round, (even in winter, unlike regular grills which are easy to drop the temperature when it is cold outside. The ceramic also means that this Kamado grill never gets particularly hot on outside, which reduces the risk of burns during cooking.

This offer is the perfect choice for you who cook for larger parties and need to have many barbecue dishes on the go at the same time. Grills that highlight the great flavors. With your Habanero BBQ XL, you can move your cooking from the kitchen to the garden and offer your barbecue favorites - or explore and try something new. At the same time, on your Habanero Picnic, you can take the opportunity to grill sausages for the children or bake a pie for dessert. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless of your relationship to the charcoal grill culture, we want our Habanero BBQ grills with their various accessories to attract your personality. That is why we have carefully developed a series of Kamado grills in different colors that will suit you, based on your needs and wishes. We want it to give you magical moments and memorable experiences regardless of the time of year.

While your XXL grill is stable in your garden, you can have your Picnic grill on the boat or in the motorhome.


Thanks to the design and the chimney effect, your kamado grill heats up very quickly and you can easily choose whether you want to fry / grill something very hot or use the grill as a "stone oven", perfect for baking pizza or bread. It is also for this reason that very little carbon is required to get up and maintain a stable desired temperature. You can bake everything you would normally bake in a regular oven, everything from pizza to dessert pies and bread.

Indirect grilling is probably the most common way to cook on a kamado grill, for this method you use the deflector stones and make the heat spread around and heat the food evenly during the cooking period.

Direct grilling is mainly used for fast and even results, also to quickly e.g. soot a salmon or give a nice crispy surface on a piece of meat. This method does not use the deflector stones but grills the food directly over the red-hot coals.

Your Habanero Kamado is also perfect for smoking, you can smoke with wood, wood chips or wood shavings. It is only to minimize the air intake when the grill has reached the desired temperature and easily add e.g. smoke chips or wood chips by opening the easily accessible inlet at the front. This method is most often used for slightly tougher meat that is cooked slowly on low heat, e.g. pulled pork, brisket or ribs.


The consumption of coal in a Habanero Kamado can be compared to about 25-50% of a "regular" grill, it is also excellent to throttle the air supply to extinguish the embers completely and then be able to reuse the extinguished coal at a later time.

Habanero Kamado XX-Large is delivered with 2 side tables in bamboo, a real 2-part stainless steel grille, 2-part deflector stones and holder for pot. The picnic grill comes with a grill.


Consistent quality means that this Kamadogrill is an extremely durable cooking tool that can be heated thousands of times without the quality deteriorating. We are so confident with the quality of our Habanero that we provide a lifetime guarantee on the ceramic body. On other parts, we provide 3-year warranty (does not apply to damage caused by external influences, careless use or wetting).